Another first article on yet another blogging platform

It's that time of the year that I write another "first article" on another new platform! At first I thought I'll start writing here, but then I thought I'll collect together all my old articles and import it into Hashnode now.

I started thinking about where all my articles are. The most obvious one was my latest blog which is a part of my website. Then I thought about it and remembered my old Google blogger which I used during my college days.

After that I checked my LinkedIn and saw a few small snippets that I had posted a few years ago. Then from there I saw a few links to my old medium blog. That's when I remembered about

All in all it's been 10 years since the time I posted my first post. I'm sure very few people have read these, but now I want to combine everything here and stick on to hashnode as my platform.

I guess the more important thing is to write more consistently and with more quality, so I'm thinking of prioritizing that.

Expect blog posts on my thoughts about technology, Full Stack Engineering, system design and the works!